Thursday, January 6, 2011


## shot of memories coming back to me...

.life is too short.
.we don't know when it began.
.and how it will end.

.i still hear his laugh.
.i still see his smile.
.i still have joke to share.

.he's gone.forever.
.no more his laugh for tomorrow.
.no more his smile for tomorrow.
.i have nobody to share a laugh and jokes with.

.it's all gone.
.it's all over.
.i'm all alone.
.with no one right here.

.life isn't a thing that we, alone wanna do.
.life isn't a place where we should dumped to.
.life isn't a joke that we should cried to.
.life is everything.
.life isn't nothing.

.love them.
.when they still alive.
.when we still breathing.
.when we still can meet each other.

mood of a poet. just a notes, from what had happened to me previously. i lost 2 relatives in less than a week. i'm redha. and this moment, make me woke up from a long long longgg dream!!! 
once a second move, we still left behind. we will still at the same place if we don't make an effort to move forward.
and, as long as we been given this credit life. use it properly. 
tunduk sujud, hanya kepadaNya.
semoga roh mereka berada di kalangan orang-orang mukmin. aminn.

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