Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Please Aware Others Feeling

Hi, its been a while since my last update. Because of time constrain & no internet connection at home 😁😁

Time flies and within 50 days I'll be someone wife. Feeling excited but its not what I'm try to talk now. 

Today, the whole country & people may know bout a lady. Many bloggers talked about her. She may be guilty bcoz of her action. BUT why must they digged about her family and exposed them to public? What did they do to you guys? Why does you gave a link to their facebook? Dont you think how they feel? Are they feel happy & proud when you tell the world their identity? Please respect others privacy. Its okey if you want to exposed her origin & hometown. But why does you wrote her brothers, her sisters, her cousins, her niece and whatsoever? Are you satisfied by making a shame of others? 

Yes, I know you have a good intention by inform others to aware about this lady. Why dont you talked about her ONLY. You can talk bout her education background, her achievement, her current & previous job. Also bout what she's done. What action you want her to have or what curse you wanna say. Just let her family be. 

Am I talk rubbish? No!! I know her younger sister. She cried a lot!! She stress out!! Her mother. Her family too. 

This situation teach me that we have to think out from boundry. Think from many aspects. Dont judge a person by what we think, what we saw and what we heard!! Only Allah knows tge truth. Its better if we pray to Allah to give HIS hidayah to her. For her to come back to Islam, rather we cursed her bitch or whatsoever. 

I am not a good muslimah either but by cursing people would make it better & solve problems? Dont include her family. They have nothing to do with this matter. Its all about her. Dont you know her mom really miss her? Dont you think that her mother will leave her child when everybody blamed her? Not at all. Again. Dont stalk her family again. They have enough problem to handle than you guys. We are muslim and please care others dignity~~~ 

** dear buddy, please be strong!! We'll stay with you!! If you need shoulder to cry on..come to me and I'll be with you..
** if they are outside will blame me for this entry, I'm sorry. I just said what I felt when I saw her struggler to avoid others question, stared, cursed, etc. She almost lost her strength...



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