Thursday, November 15, 2012

A New Life to Begin, A Past to Remember

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Almost one and half year tak conteng-conteng wall ni, and tetibe rindu nak mengarut karut. Hehe. I just want to recall what happened to me within my disappearance. (cewah.ayat agak poyo disitu ye).


Honestly, when I finished my undergraduate level, I stayed at home. Trying to find a job, since most of my friend already got their job. A little bit jealous =p I also got a job, but I resigned. No specific reason, just maybe I can't endure the environment and how the boss treated elderly. A very sad moment there. TAK MAHU INGAT LAGI!!! 

Then, I further study, also at the same university. Don't know why I like this place so much?? even though I got the opportunity to fly to the Country of Samurai. Never mind, maybe next time. ^_^      I just finish my graduate level last July, and now I am a working lady.. Yeaahhhhh..... The feeling is so different with my first job. Maybe the working environment here more lively than before. hehe

This is absolutely not me! Hahaha

My job now is different from other ladies outside. It is a rare job for a woman to bears this responsibility. Deep in my heart, I'm afraid if I can't to handle it. I thinking so many bad thing. I may look like "normal" but honestly, I'm scared. No one will knows, no, maybe there is somebody also felt the same way when they went to their first job. At my real working place, except for myself, all of them is  a man. I don't know why I'm "here". I never dream about it. But, thanks to GOD for HIS opportunity. I take it as a challenge to me, either I can do what is given to me or not. Moreover, it is the time for me to 'payback' and practice what I learnt for almost six and half years in UiTM. Terima Kasih UiTM. 

Along this time, I learnt something meaningful. I didn't get what I really want, what I really planned. Because HE knows what is the BEST for me. So, let be grateful (SYUKUR and REDHA) with what HE give to us. That is the BEST for us, and of course HE know that we can endure with it. 

Every single thing that happened to us has their own reason. If we didn't get what we want, just think back into our old days. Is there something we doing wrong? or is it too extreme for us to handle? or is our dreams beyond the limitation? or ............ think deeply.......

Anyway, Happy Awal Muharram. Let us starts our new life with more optimistic thinking and energetic person, in getting HIS bless in dunia and akhirat. Aminn.

Helen Keller 

See you next post.

**i need his support, but i think, i won't get it.........  

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